Team Cortex

The Copyright Cortex now invites guest curators to bring their specialist knowledge around copyright and cultural heritage institutions. We are happy to announce that our very first inaugural guest curator is Douglas McCarthy!

Douglas McCarthy is Collections Engagement Manager at Europeana. He sings his songs in the key of C: copyright, cake, and cats.

At the time of launch (June 2017) the Copyright Cortex team includes: 

Andrea Wallace is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Exeter. Her favourite things in the world are cultural institutions, copyright, and Dr Pepper. Accordingly, she finds only one significant flaw in this resource. 

Claudy Op den Kamp is a Lecturer in Film at Bournemouth University. Arnold Schwarzenegger taught her that total recall begins in the sensory cortex. But facing an increasingly failing memory retrieval, she is very happy that everything she always wanted to know about copyright and digital cultural heritage begins in the Copyright Cortex. 

Ronan Deazley is Prof of Copyright at Queen’s University Belfast, and a qualified archivist. Unfortunately, his cerebral cortex doesn’t work very well. 

Victoria Stobo is an archivist and Lecturer in Record-Keeping at Liverpool University Centre for Archives Studies (LUCAS). Her birthday is the same day as World Intellectual Property Day, which completes a 1500 year-old prophecy.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Cortex team or contributing to the Cortex project in some way, please contact us at: