Copyright and Digital Cultural Heritage - Introduction

Written by Ronan Deazley, April 2017

Copyright and Digital Cultural Heritage has been written for librarians, archivists and museum curators. It is intended for practitioners working in memory institutions who preserve, organise, and facilitate access to our shared cultural heritage. It concerns how copyright enables and inhibits the digitisation and use of material held in library, archive and museum collections, material that institutions want to share more meaningfully, more completely with the world online. In short, it concerns copyright and digital cultural heritage.

For those without any prior knowledge, the resource offers an introduction to basic copyright concepts and principles. For those already familiar with these concepts, the resource also explores various areas of controversy or unsettled law specific to memory institutions. When addressing these issues, we offer suggestions about possible interpretations of the law that may be helpful in developing an appropriate and reasonable institutional policy on copyright and the digitisation of collections.

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