Our Catalogue

Our catalogue is based on the Dublin Core metadata schema, with minor local modifications. We have used thirteen of the fifteen core descriptive elements for the bulk of our entries, and created a specific item type vocabulary for the Cortex, with associated descriptive elements: e.g., journal articles, working papers and presentations. Our full schema is available here.

If you make use of our schema, or adapt it in some way, we’d love to hear your feedback. You can contact us at: info@copyrightcortex.org


Catalogue data

Our catalogue data is available in a variety of open-data formats: atom, dc-rdf, dcmes-xml, json, omeka-json and omeka-xml.

The atom format allows you to request notifications when specific entries are updated through your web browser.

The cc-rdf format allows you to output the catalogue entries as XML, compliant with the Resource Description Framework, supporting Semantic Web data models.

The dcmes-xml format provides the same functionality, but only for simple Dublin Core, i.e., the core descriptive elements.

The json format (JavaScript Object Notation) allows you to export basic administrative data from the collection management database for each entry: this records the entry number, when it was created and modified, and whether the entry has been made public, or featured.

Omeka-json and omeka-xml provide both administrative and descriptive metadata, including tags, in both JavaScript and XML formats.

These last two formats provide the most complete metadata for each catalogue entry that we have created as part of the Copyright Cortex, and would be most useful for exploring the range of subjects covered in the collection; identifying gaps in the literature; understanding the spread of jurisdictions featured; and other similar research questions.

If you would like to download the entire dataset in a particular format, please contact us at: info@copyrightcortex.org