About the Copyright Cortex

The Copyright Cortex is an online resource dedicated to copyright and digital cultural heritage. It was developed to provide libraries, archives, museums and other memory institutions with information and expert commentary on how copyright law affects the creation and management of digital cultural heritage. The resource will also be valuable for anyone who works in the Digital Humanities.

We hope you find the Copyright Cortex useful.


First and foremost, it is a catalogue. It brings together a wide range of material relating to copyright and digital cultural heritage: scholarly publications, practical guidance, policy documentation, and real world case studies. The Cortex brings this material into one digital space, organised under three broadly defined headings: Research; Tools & Resources; and, Policy & Evidence. You can read more about how we approach selection and cataloguing in Methodology and Catalogue.

In Methodology, you can also find out about the icons and images we use to illustrate the catalogue, as well as our preferred typeface.


Second, accompanying the catalogue, is an open access text for cultural heritage practitioners: Copyright and Digital Cultural Heritage (or Copyright 101). The book is free to read online, and free to download. It presents a comprehensive introduction to copyright law for memory institutions, focussing specifically on how copyright impacts access to and use of digital cultural heritage materials within and across national borders.

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